Materials & Care


Made from pure carbon, Diamonds are one of the most durable materials found on earth. Ours are colour J, VS1 diamonds, mined in adherence with the Kimberley Process from ethically and environmentally sound sources.

Caring for your diamonds:

Diamonds are a tough stone but they can be chipped from a hard blow. Regain sparkle and remove grease by gently cleaning with mild detergent. warm water and a soft toothbrush. Store in a soft pouch or our Luceir lined box.


We use a carefully selected natural gemstones chosen for their colour and quality, mined from ethical sources.

Caring for your gemstones:

To clean & remove grease from gemstones, gently wash with mild detergent in warm water using a soft toothbrush.  Porous gemstones such as labradorite, moonstone & chalcedony may react badly to contact with chemical cleaners & perfumes. Store separately in lined pouches or Luceir lined boxes.


We use freshwater pearls of Japanese origin.

To clean pearls, gently buff with a soft cloth and occasionally clean with a soft damp cloth, ensuring they are dried thoroughly. Store in a soft pouch or lined box.

9 Karat Gold

We use solid 9 karat gold: an extremely durable alloy that does not easily oxidise or discolour. The number of karats tells you how many 24ths of the total piece is pure gold. The remaining percentage is an alloy of copper, zinc and silver, added to enhance the durability and hardness of the gold, creating the unique soft gold hue.

Caring for your gold jewellery:

To clean metal, buff gently using warm water with a soft cloth. To regain sparkle of any diamonds and gemstones, remove grease with mild detergent in warm water using a soft toothbrush or cloth. Avoid chemical cleaners.

Sterling Silver

925 Sterling silver is an alloy made of 92.5% pure Silver and 7.5% Copper.

Caring for your silver jewellery:

Clean silver jewellery using a silver cloth, or remove grease by gently washing in mild detergent with warm water. Wearing silver jewellery often keeps it clean as contact with skin reduces the oxidation of silver! Store in a soft pouch or Luceir lined box.

Warranty & Repairs

We include a 180 day warranty with all jewellery purchases.

Although our warranty does not cover general wear & tear or lost stones outside of this period, please contact us in this event and we will send you a quote for a replacement gemstone or a repair.

Gold Vermeil is a surface finish and may fade over time. We offer a re–plating service for all our gold vermeil items upon request, for further information or for a re – plating quote please email